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Hi! My name is Lee and I work full time at at Ford and am a collage graduate. My interests consist of anime, manga, video games, reading, writing, HTML coding, and youtube.

If you wish to contact me, feel free to ping on discord/skype/kakao talk at violent firebomb and email me at violentfirebomb @ gmail dot com.

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RP ad

Hello! My name is lee. I've been RP'ing now for over 14+ years and I'm in my late twenties, female. I'm currently looking for an RP partner with mostly original content. I prefer to do 1x1 over IM or some form of online chat/instant messenger. I get disinterested with anything else quickly so discord/skype/kakaotalk is it for me -- Skype isn't preferred so the others are but I do have it!  I'm also in EST.

Current wants: I'm looking for a MxM or Yaoi/BL RP partner right now, and someone who doesn't mind switches from time to time. I enjoy being dominate but not all the time. I'm not really into shouta's or however you say it. I've recently gotten into Free! and DRAMAtical Murder, even some Tokyo Ghoul so my ideas stem from all different places. I'm also wanting some major Drama in the RP's as well as romance!

As far as rating I enjoy mature. I prefer more adult friendly RP's, or at least writing that can lead into it. Romance is VERY IMPORTANT to me and that usually ends in some smut but I do want plot as well. I write smut and enjoy it. It'll be in my RP's and I'll expect it. If you're curious, just hit me up on my IM(below).

I'd like a partner that is on daily. I'm on the internet for hours at time and prefer RP'ing. It's why I prefer IM instead of email. Again, my time is Easter Standard Time and I'd like someone around that timezone (within an hour or two). My work schedule is mostly Monday-Friday. I work until around 6pm. But after that, I'm good. I stay up until 12am-1am~ As far as the weekend, I work Saturday's and Sunday's sometimes so it'll be evenings for me as well! I also work at UPS and peak season starts up around November, meaning I'll be working a lot of hours.

I'd like my responses 10 to 20 minutes, if possible. If my attention is good, I'm returning a post within a couple minutes.

I prefer more advanced writers, 17+ in age, please. I do smut in all of my RP's and prefer it if my partners know what they're getting into.

I don't use pre determined characters by another person… It's fun to create characters myself and it's a real joy. The only time I'd use an already made character is if it's apart of a fandom, like DMmd!

I'd like a female partner please.

As far as grammar and spelling, believe me, no one's perfect and I'm no grammar freak but I'd like to write and read legibly. I think that's something everyone would benefit from. XD

My writing style is 3rd person paragraph, 4-5 sentences for regular posts and more for intro/skips, though I don't like to write HUGE posts that take hours. NO one liners, please… I'm tired of writing with people who just give me a "'Yes,' he said.'" I want to write with someone, not just crank out posts. Be descriptive and feel free to write creatively.

I mostly play male characters, however, I can do any gender. As far as what type, I like all; dominate or submissive, etc. I prefer DOMINATE in both cases, but switches with M/M. I don't like playing against shouta characters. I do prefer to play the more dominate male but not to a bubbly shouta, which is why I like switches.

I'd like original characters. I prefer to do these more now than ever so don't be shy! I'm into fantasy, paranormal romance, dark romance, fantasy, supernatural, etc.  I prefer modern with a twist but I do enjoy historic themed RP's as well. However, if you have an idea, go ahead and hit me up. I'll be interested! I also create characters left and right… but I usually keep to the same three base characters I have in my head.

DO NOT DO LIST: Furries, humanoid animals, trolls/orcs… ask about this list if you think your idea is out there!

Now, as for contacting me you can reach me at any of the following:

Email -

kakaotalk - violentfirebomb <--- preferred method!

Discord - violentfirebomb

Skype - violentfirebomb

READ PLEASE: When you contact me, if possible could you send your own RP ad. If not, just a few things about you; age, name, time zone, wether you will do IM or not, gender paring, a sample of writing. Feel free to ask any questions I didn't already answer as well. Thanks!

Well, I think that's it~ I'm usually on AIM but if I'm not on, drop me an email or PM and I will certainly get back to you. Thanks for reading!